It's a high end fashion brand for both womenswear and menswear.

That's the short answer...

Now here's the long answer!

We create minimalist, original, effortless and comfortable outerwear for the fun executive, active goal-getter. Ok, forget the exec speak. botton line? We dress you in what YOU want to wear. Style you the way you want yo see yourself. We help you reinvent your look if that is what's your thing. What you have always wanted to look like is where we get you. Get it? This is a brand that make clothes that you've always wished you could get your hands on but didn't know where to go. NOW YOU DO!


Based on a strong sense of minimalism, clean lines, defined silhouettes, unique and edgy cuts are a stable of the label. Our well-constructed pieces show an obsession with detail and good craftsmanship. Our fabric choices are particularly high-end as we source from only the most luxurious of selections. Stepping into a PERRIS piece is not an act of 'getting dressed', its a feeling, a mood, an experience...a discovery. 

You are sure to love it too.


Perris Nkomo: House of Perris is owned by Designer
Perris holds an Honours Degree from Ecole D'Art Maryse Eloy (France).
She draws from her experience as an Art Director/Graphic Designer in Advertising and Marketing, with her education, personal life style and travel experience to the create this unique fashion brand. 

"The idea to create House of Perris came while walking frantically down Champs Elysee, in Paris, urgently searching of a minimal classy but demure little black dress that I could quickly scoop up for an impromptu dinner that I had to attend that evening".

"There was no time to navigate my way through the busy Metro back home to get ready, so the only choice was to desperately find this dress, QUICKLY." With only T-minus a hour to go, and frustrated from looking through all, "my favourite 'you never let me down', boutiques, I felt settled on a loose interpretation of what I was looking for". 

"It was a simple thing that I needed. A simple, clean cut, fuss-free dress that would suddenly make me look amazing peoples!" I was not having it. The next day, I set about learning to sew. I was going to make that dress that was in my head, if it killed me.

So, I did."

"And... some other people liked it, so I made more and haven't stopped since." Now we are here.